Who we are

VISET Namibia is a registered non-partisan membership-based NGO established as a regional chapter to promote the participation of vendors in economic, policy and legislative processes for the sustainability of livelihoods.

Numerous town councils and municipalities in Namibia are encountering the issue of roadside and street trading in their regions of ward, thus the greater part of them have acquainted by-laws, policies and directions which control the way they work. We believe that if these street traders, dealers, street vendors and all informal SMEs are further supported they can eventually move from micro levels to macro levels of business operations and contribute significantly to the economic development and wellbeing of Namibia.

Good practice documentation shows vendors can help with urban and rural management challenges like crime and cleaning. Also, improved infrastructure, can improve vendor work environments and make public space safer, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.



VISET Namibia provides us an outlet for engagement and strategizing

Frans Endjambi


VISET Namibia has given us a way to sell our goods and plan how to make money. With VISET Namibia, we have a good opportunity to grow our business and find success in the market.